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Buddha bowl with tahini dressing

Veggies, veggies, my lovely veggiiiiies 💚 Raw or cooked, leaf or root, you always make me feel happy!
Think I'm gonna write a song: be ready for the next hit!

Okay, I'm sorry. I definitely must stop trying to be funny... It's quite awkward...

Bowl stuffs are always the best, and Buddha bowl is one of my fav' of them: colorful, mix of textures and flavors, healthy ingredients... And never boring since you can vary all of the components and dressing.
Here, I want to share one kind of Buddha bowl: rice, cooked and raw veggies and a savory tahini dressing.
What for me, it's a kind of easy dish I make by using my rice cooker and a microwave steamer but it's just the laziest way to prepare it. Making a Buddha bowl has to stay affordable for everyone and so doesn't require any specific equipment. You surely can use a regular pot, a steamer or even your oven instead. The most important part is the dressing which still raw.
- 1 portion of cooked rice -…

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